The Christian Service Award

The Catholic Community Foundation recognizes eighth-grade students in the Diocese of Phoenix who are committed to volunteering their time and service in their parish, school, and community.  Recipients of the Christian Service Award receive an $8,000 scholarship to attend a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Christian Service Award applications are available online at each August.  Because over 100 students apply every October, applicants go through a rigorous selection process which includes a personal interview.

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"Our educational work should go this way to achieve harmony - harmony in all the boys and girls who have been entrusted to us; inner harmony, the harmony of their personality. It is by working in a hands-on way, imitating God, molding the lives of those kids like clay, that we achieve harmony and rescue them from the dissonances perennial darkness. Harmony, by contrast, is bright and clear; it is light. What we have to achieve is the harmony of a heart that grows and that we accompany in this educational journey."

~ Pope Francis (then, Cardinal Bergoglio – April 18, 2012)