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Office Hours

  • Regular dismissal days 7:30am – 4:00pm
  • Early dismissal days 7:30am – 2:00pm




Title Name Email
Pastor Fr. Dale Craig  
Parochial Vicar Fr. Miguel Noyola
Principal Margaret MacCleary
School Secretary Selene Jimenez
Nurse Joyce Cancelosi


Preschool - 8th Grade

Grade Teacher's Name/Bio Email
Preschool Director Cissy Wolf
PS Carmen Medrano
PK Marina Acosta
K Sue Riccitelli
1st Judy Woods
2nd Beth Rogitz
3rd Nicole Walsh
4th Melanie Seitz
5th Bridget McGuire  
6th Sarah Cullen
7th Mark Nageotte
8th Teri Tucker



Special Teacher's Name/Bio Email
Music Dani Scheuer
Computers/Technology Coordinator Armando Romero
PE Kaylene Bauman
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"Our educational work should go this way to achieve harmony - harmony in all the boys and girls who have been entrusted to us; inner harmony, the harmony of their personality. It is by working in a hands-on way, imitating God, molding the lives of those kids like clay, that we achieve harmony and rescue them from the dissonances perennial darkness. Harmony, by contrast, is bright and clear; it is light. What we have to achieve is the harmony of a heart that grows and that we accompany in this educational journey."

~ Pope Francis (then, Cardinal Bergoglio – April 18, 2012)