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Office Hours

  • Regular dismissal days 7:30am – 4:00pm
  • Early dismissal days 7:30am – 2:00pm




Title Name Email
Pastor Fr. Dale Craig  
Parochial Vicar Fr. Miguel Noyola
Principal Margaret MacCleary
Administrative Assistant to the Principal Jennifer Winkler
School Secretary Selene Jimenez
Nurse Bev Kane


Preschool - 8th Grade

Grade Teacher's Name/Bio Email
PK Cissy Wolf
PS Alyssa Broderick
K Sue Riccitelli
K Teresa Marquez
1st Judy Woods
2nd Beth Rogitz
3rd Nicole Walsh
4th Alyssa Henry
5th Bridget McGuire  
6th Mark Nageotte
7th Sr. Mary Claire Stasser
8th Paula Gallas



Special Teacher's Name/Bio Email
Music Teri Tucker
Computers/Technology Coordinator Armando Romero
PE Karl Behring
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"Our educational work should go this way to achieve harmony - harmony in all the boys and girls who have been entrusted to us; inner harmony, the harmony of their personality. It is by working in a hands-on way, imitating God, molding the lives of those kids like clay, that we achieve harmony and rescue them from the dissonances perennial darkness. Harmony, by contrast, is bright and clear; it is light. What we have to achieve is the harmony of a heart that grows and that we accompany in this educational journey."

~ Pope Francis (then, Cardinal Bergoglio – April 18, 2012)