Discipline Policy

Most Holy Trinity utilizes the Discipline With Purpose program to assist students in learning how to correct their behavior and make better choices moving forward.

Students are taught skills in accordance with their age and level of development that teach them to think about their actions, the consequences of those actions, and how they can make better decisions for themselves.

The following skills are taught in every classroom as a part of the curriculum in order to help each child grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially:

  • Listening
  • Following Instructions
  • Asking Questions
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Completing a Task
  • Reasons for Rules
  • Cooperation
  • Sharing
  • Fact vs. Feeling
  • Resolving Problems
  • Initiating Solutions
  • Social Skills
  • Leadership
  • Service to Others
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"Our educational work should go this way to achieve harmony - harmony in all the boys and girls who have been entrusted to us; inner harmony, the harmony of their personality. It is by working in a hands-on way, imitating God, molding the lives of those kids like clay, that we achieve harmony and rescue them from the dissonances perennial darkness. Harmony, by contrast, is bright and clear; it is light. What we have to achieve is the harmony of a heart that grows and that we accompany in this educational journey."

~ Pope Francis (then, Cardinal Bergoglio – April 18, 2012)